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"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members"

Founder of Beluna™

Lauren Bagley

Lauren Bagley came to Bali in 2019 from her native UK. What started as a holiday turned into something much more profound. She fell in love with the culture, nature and community in Bali & had a vision to create something beautiful here. 


When exploring Ubud, she stumbled across a particularly inspiring piece of land on the magical Sok Wayah path. That was the start of her dream to build a community coworking and creative space in the heart of nature.

Beluna is a collaborative community space that has been created by using only natural materials as much as possible. Working in an open air bamboo structure, blurs the boundaries between sitting in a building to sitting out in nature.

Bamboo supports the flexibility and wild unpredictability of nature and life. Bamboo flexes to the weather conditions, allows for ventilation & stands strong to support you on your journey.


"When you sit in Beluna, drinking a coconut, a fresh breeze on your face, looking out at the lush greenery with dragonflies whizzing past your face, you can't help but realise you have made wonderful life choices."

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