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"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members"


Founder of Beluna™

Lauren Bagley

Lauren Bagley came to Bali in 2019 from her native UK. What started as a holiday turned into something much more profound. She fell in love with the culture, nature and community in Bali & had a vision to create something beautiful here. 


When exploring Ubud, she stumbled across a particularly inspiring piece of land on the magical Sok Wayah path. That was the start of her dream to build a community coworking and creative space in the heart of nature.

Beluna is a collaborative community space that has been created by using only natural materials as much as possible. Working in an open air bamboo structure, blurs the boundaries between sitting in a building to sitting out in nature.

Bamboo supports the flexibility and wild unpredictability of nature and life. Bamboo flexes to the weather conditions, allows for ventilation & stands strong to support you on your journey.


"When you sit in Beluna, drinking a coconut, a fresh breeze on your face, looking out at the lush greenery with dragonflies whizzing past your face, you can't help but realise you have made wonderful life choices."


Partner of Noumena™

Beluna opened in the middle of the pandemic, and understandably faced some CoVid challenges as a start up in the middle of a lockdown with no incoming flights. However the vision had to continue, and day by day Beluna grew and survived.


In the Summer of 2021, not long after Beluna had opened, Noumena founding partner Jaideep Krishna visited Beluna for a business meeting and was immediately impressed by Lauren's integrity, work ethic and vision.


Jaideep introduced his company, Noumema who are funding projects for solopreneurs and digital nomads who are living out of their home countries, in ways that traditional banks, investor, or capital providers might overlook. With the audio industry exploding, Lauren’s vision was to offer high-end recording studios for podcasts adjacent to her coworking facilities, further enriching her pre-existing model.  Her high quality business plan impressed the Noumena finance team & Noumena gave her the funding to make this happen. 


Thinking Outside the Box? So Are We.

Noumena: Our mission is to connect people with the financial resources that help businesses grow. We're creating a community of freelancers and solopreneurs who want expert advice to grow their businesses. We believe in thinking outside the box and figuring out solutions. We're here to connect you with financial capital and banking support aligned to the way you work.

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