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Our exclusive 10-day “Nomad in Bali" experience transcends the ordinary, providing you with an unmatched opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the nomadic lifestyle of Bali.

We understand that many people have a dream of visiting Bali and experiencing the nomad lifestyle that so many people are currently enjoying. However, the thought of doing it seems overwhelming. In this new world of freelancing and working from home, life can leave you feeling lonely, frustrated, and unmotivated.

With a ready-made package and a wonderful community of like-minded business and creatives to spend your time with, you will soon feel the benefits of committing to this retreat - life may even start to feel meaningful and exciting again!

We don’t just promise a taste of the Bali nomad experience; we ensure you live and breathe it. From community dinners to tranquil mountain hikes and lush rice field working spaces, we'll guide you to the off-the-beaten-path gems that define the nomadic Bali experience to create a perfect balance of work and creation, and fun and adventure with your fellow explorers. You can choose to embrace the work/life balance that Bali supports so well.

Because in Bali, it's not just a destination—it's a way of life. With a community of over 4000 creative minds who have embraced the nomadic lifestyle through Beluna in Bali, they'll agree. Don't settle for being a tourist. Embrace the Beluna Nomad Retreat experience.


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Who is this retreat for?

The Beluna Nomad retreat is for people who are self-employed, freelance workers, solopreneurs, or startup business owners and entrepreneurs. This retreat is designed for those seeking to expand their network, reignite their passion for their work, optimize their personal and professional growth, and discover a stronger, more powerful version of themselves.


We have a welcoming space for wherever you are on your journey. We understand your challenges, we have been there, and we are here to help you feel empowered in your decision-making, share our own stories, and surround you with a community of like-minded dream chasers who can motivate you to keep following your path. We are here to help you take the leap and reinvigorate your creative senses.


We guarantee you will gain powerful insights, friends, a newfound self-confidence, and a level of curiosity that will be with you for life. We welcome you to step out of your comfort zone and reconnect with your drive and purpose. Immersing yourself in the magic of Bali, you will feel the space to fully be your authentic self, connect back to nature, and other creative minds.


We want you to feel free to make this experience your own - so you will have a suggested schedule of optional events. However, we do encourage you to join the welcome dinner, the community events, and adventures to ensure you have connection time with your fellow retreat crew.


Tri Hita Karana is a traditional philosophy for life on the island of Bali. The literal translation of this is roughly “three causes of well-being”. The philosophy itself encompasses the three most important aspects of life in Bali, which include spirituality, humans, and nature. Bali is treat for the senses and we aim to include a little bit of everything in this experience.

Your home

You will have a cozy king room with a private bathroom, AC, and a balcony with views of the garden and pool. There will be a shared kitchen available for use, and a pool. Your home space is peaceful, cozy and has breathtaking views into the jungle.


You will attend a talk by our local guide, Gede, who will explain the Balinese culture, which is deeply rooted in mystery, magic, and history. He will elucidate many of their local traditions and values that are proudly upheld in the local community. Additionally, he will provide insight into important customs to observe in order to show respect while you’re in Bali. You will also have the option to join Gede for a Balinese water temple blessing.


You will be provided with a daily breakfast at Beluna which you can enjoy any time from 8 am until 11 am - you can choose from a diverse menu of nutritious, healthy meals all using local, fresh ingredients - we cook only with coconut oil, and any dietary requirements can be catered for.


Lunch and dinner you will be free to make your own choices - we will organize a welcome dinner on the first night and a community dinner later in the week.


You will have plenty of time to adventure into nature, your hotel and Beluna are located on a rice field walking path which boasts a beautiful sunset view, as well as a yoga studio with daily classes, art and Jewelry making classes, and waterfalls and rivers that you can swim in.


This retreat will include a daily yoga class, and one organized waterfall day tour but if you wish to explore other areas of Bali such as the volcano hike, ATV tours, river rafting etc. This can all be arranged by your tour manager.

Work time

You will be free to work to your own schedule. You have full, 24-hour access to Beluna’s co-working space with your own personal dedicated desk which you can choose, and we will reserve for you each day. The space includes an AC office space, an open-air office space, or a private office (which needs to be pre-booked) we also have equipment available for you to record podcasts if you need, and full-time staff who will be there to assist you. We have 3 separate fibre optic wifi lines to allow you uninterrupted focus time. As well as an on-site cafe with a breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. As well as, of course, strong local organic coffee, matcha, smoothies, blue lotus tea and much more to keep your mind focused.


Your flights are not included in the retreat price. However, we do have a registered travel agent within our team who can book all of this for you. This retreat is made to be as easy for you as possible. You will be met at the airport by your private driver. Who will meet you with a cold bottle of water and help you with your bags.


Bali's beaches offer diverse experiences, from surfing in Kuta to serene relaxation in Nusa Dua, rugged cliffs in Uluwatu, and spiritual sanctuaries in Sanur.

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You will have a welcome dinner which will include a 3-course meal & 1 soft or alcoholic drink This will allow you to meet your fellow retreat members, introduce yourself, share your story and what you are hoping to get out of this trip.

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First morning group breakfast We can use this time to plan out your schedule for the days ahead

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Connect with your tour leader and let us know if there are any specific trips, pamper treatments or group events you wish to book. You will also have time to ask any questions or let us know if you need any support with anything.



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You will attend a workshop that will be hosted by 3 Beluna members from 3 different industries who will share their story about living and working in Bali

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urious during your time in Bali - this can be related to being a digital nomad, starting a business in Bali, how to market your business or about the process of expanding your brand.

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Yoga - you will have the option to join a daily yoga class just a 5-minute walk from your hotel. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate this class is suitable for all. Yoga is a great way to start your day with a ritual, helping you to calm your mind, connect with your body and stretch out any stress.



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Experience the sacred Balinese blessing ritual, guided by local priests. Participants receive blessings with holy water, offering a profound connection to Balinese spirituality and renewal.


Explore Bali's temples, from Tanah Lot to Besakih, for a journey rich in culture and spirituality. Experience traditional ceremonies and feel the spiritual energy at sacred sites like Uluwatu and Tirta Empul.

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